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Posted on Thu, Jan 17, 2008

The Musicians and Artists of the Morinville Alliance Church Worship Arts Team

Purpose – The Sunday Morning Worship Service exists to invite people to encounter God.
Target – CROWD – Seekers, Regular and Irregular attenders, Members, Leaders
Values (What people should say on the way home)
  1. Creativity – “They kept my interest the whole time.”
  2. Authenticity – “Those people are real”
  3. Excellence – “That was good!”
  4. Passion – “I was moved.”
  5. Transformation – “I need to change some things.” 
  1. Transformation and Wonder– We seek to create an environment where the Holy Spirit can do His work where people are most receptive.
  2. Excellence –We seek to avoid a performance mentality or the lure of the cutting edge and instead intend to do the best we can with the resources and staff available
  3. Inclusion – We seek to open avenues to accept new artists and musicians
  4. Unrestricted Creative Imagination – We seek the involvement of many different forms of artistic endeavor (Drama, Dance, Reading, Poetry, Music, Visual Arts, etc.) while avoiding change and complexity for their own sakes
  5. Understandable– We seek to provide spiritual meaning for an intergenerational  and spiritually diverse crowd 
Specific Objectives
  1. Maintain a weekly music rehearsal with adequate planning before the fact
  2. Develop authentic team(s) that function in spiritual community on and off the stage
  3. Consistent (but not overwhelming) introduction of new music
  4. Upgrade our A/V equipment as budget allows to maximize our technical abilities
  5. Supply a continual opportunity for our team members to upgrade their skills
  6. Operate clearly within the law with respect to copyright
  7. Have a stage lay-out that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for performance
  8. Use Worship Design Team with Pastoral direction to plan, implement, and evaluate our whole church Sunday morning experience
  9. We will plan for seamless integration of art forms with teaching so that the service impacts as a whole 
Nuts and Bolts
  1. Dress will be informal and casual – this is how we desire people to be comfortable
  2. We don’t do re-runs.
  3. Art forms must express theological accuracy as well as emotional value
  4. “No Fly Zones” encourage musicians and artists to be available during our busiest ministry seasons
  5. Our musical style will reflect an upbeat and modern worship feel, incorporating multiple styles of music but not tailored to satisfy any one particular taste
  6. We endeavor to work ourselves out of our jobs by recruiting and training others to replace us
  7. Quarterly “Jam Sessions” to encourage musical diversity and attract new musicians
   Discussion: Vision

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