Youth Hang-Out in Cardiff Park

Posted on Tue, Jul 3, 2012:

Friday July 20th 7-9pm

Even though youth is officially over until Sept. Linda Bland has offered to chaperone a few youth hang-outs at Cardiff Park over the summer, just to give you all the chance to hang out & have fun with your peeps.

So here's out it works, there's NO sign-ups, NO waivers, No meeting at the church & No rides...find a way to get yourselves to the park...ask your parents to drop you off is probably your best bet!

Bring your own snack, drink, lawn chair, frisbee, football, soccer ball, what ever kinda sport you hope to play.

Linda & some of the gang will be there from 7-9pm so come on out & have some fun!...

p.s. there's a chance there could even be a bon fire!

We hope to Hang-Out again in TBA

SEE U @ CARDIFF PARK on Friday July 20th!!

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